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Updated: Jun 14

Hi there and welcome to the Lost In Iceland guest blog, where anyone can write up a blog and send us to our email address:

The requirements are pretty simple:

  1. Have to have been to Iceland at least once or live in Iceland.

  2. Be able to write well in English.

  3. Be interested in Icelandic -nature, -history, -culinary arts, -animals, -music or tourism in Iceland.

I leave it up to you to decide how long the blog is, it's also up to you to decide how many blogs you want to write. I plan on posting 1-2 blogs each week, depending on how many want to participate. The more the merrier!

Here are a few topic ideas:

  1. Favorite location.

  2. Hiking routes in a certain area.

  3. Your trip to Iceland.

  4. Favorite restaurants.

  5. Icelandic cuisines.

  6. Top locations to see at a certain area.

  7. Your overall experience on a guided trip.

  8. If you hitch hiked, it would be awesome to hear about your experience.

  9. Concerts you went to.

  10. Summer job on a farm.

  11. Icelandic folklore.

The choices are literally endless, but if you want to check in with me beforehand, please write me an email about your ideas!

Here are a few final notes:

  • It's best to write your blog up in Google Docs and share the document with the email address:

  • Send me pictures to go with the blog through Google docs or Wetransfer. You don't have to make an account at Wetransfer, you can add high quality photos there, create a link in which I can click and download them.

  • Authors: Send me your full name and Instagram handle. This will be added to your blog.


Thank you so much for participating in the Lost In Iceland guest blog!

Looking forward reading your blogs!

Best regards,

Sverrir, owner of

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